The thought of an interview sends jitters in the mind of many persons. Majority of the people who remain unemployed are just because of lack of communication skills and the way they present themselves in the interviews. All of us aspire to land jobs which will give a new direction to our career and help us follow our passions

Every position in a good firm draws hundreds of applications. The recruiters will go through the resumes and pick some that seem eligible. But, it takes a lot of time and resource to conduct a face to face interview with all these applicants. That’s why there is an intermediate weeding out process; A phone interview. It is

This is a challenging time for job-seekers in decades and unemployment rates are at their highest. More millions of job seekers struggling for dwindling number of jobs, it has become extremely hard to land a dream job. However, with proper help and preparation from an interview coach you can easily overcome the obstacles and