There is always a lot of emphasis on what should be on your resume, there is never enough thought put into what it should not contain. More often than not, if you’re able to keep certain common clichés and basic mistakes off your resume, you increase your chances of getting a look in for a job. As it’s often insisted, br

The job market is slowly improving or that is what the papers seem to be saying, but it may not seem like that is your reality. An interview coach may help you get there.  There are many ways that the workforce has dealt with the extremely sluggish job market these last few years, most of us have used the slack pace to get b

A job is much more than just a way to earn a living. People spend half of their waking hours, if not more, working so it is important to have a job that you find enjoyable and challenging. This is not always possible as it is often quite difficult to land that one perfect job. A job interview coach can help you figure out how

Having a tough time on the job hunt? Looking for a job is difficult at the best of times but when you add a tough economic environment to the mix it seems almost impossible to get the perfect job. You may want to change jobs for a better fit, or be a first timer looking to join the job market but facing an interviewer is a to

The common mistake committed by people going for an interview is to consider the whole exercise as a Q and A session. The verbal communication is only a part of it, non-verbal communication or your body language is keenly watched by the interviewer. The impression which you can make with your body language can make or break y