In these days of tough competition along with global economic turmoil, organizations are looking for those employees as their executives who are able to steer the company’s businesses successfully. Therefore, companies want to hire competent, successful, and articulate executives as their employees. In majority of cases, ex

Job interviews are one of the toughest experiences for a candidate irrespective of years of work experience that a candidate may have under his belt. The job interview situations are tougher as a candidate is not sure what questions would be asked at these interview sessions. For physicians an effective job interview is not a

Job interviews provide an opportunity for the recruiters or employers to find prospective employees who strike the perfect balance between the extroversion and introversion features as per the requirement of the job. A candidate who thinks independently and creatively and is able to bring up some innovative and out of box ide

Job interviews especially related with IT or technical jobs require not only excellent skills and technical knowledge but also require tactics of knowing the best answers to those seemingly simple questions. For the candidate or job seeker the purpose of attending interview in the field of Information Technology or IT is obvi

The advent of Information technology has changed the methods and techniques of job interviews very fast. However, the recruitment methods have changed quite a little in the last five decades with majority of employers still relying heavily on the time tested face to face job interviews as a means of selecting their employees