Job interviews are the most stressful situations and the best way is to reduce the stress is to prepare for the job interview both in psychological and physical sense. In a psychological sense, it means to prepare thoroughly the answers to the most common interview questions that will be asked by the interviewer if possible b

Job interviews main purpose is to evaluate the candidate and is one of the most useful tools of evaluating the potential employees. These interviews typically precede the hiring decision and demand significant resources from the employers. However, these interviews allow the candidates to assess the corporate culture and dema

Job interviews are the common methods used to evaluate the candidates’ ability and experience in donning on the role required for concerned job positions. The job interviews are usually preceded by the evaluation of submitted resumes from the interested candidates and then selecting a small number of candidates from the int

Attending job interviews is a strenuous exercise which majority of job seekers fear to trend. But to get a good job and to rise in the career hierarchy job interview is like a bridge that had to be crossed to reach the career destination. It is true fact that most of the employers do not have shortage of job seekers from whic

The thought of an interview sends jitters in the mind of many persons. Majority of the people who remain unemployed are just because of lack of communication skills and the way they present themselves in the interviews. All of us aspire to land jobs which will give a new direction to our career and help us follow our passions

On the basis of today’s economic scenario and average person will change jobs at least eight to ten times during their working life, therefore, it makes sense to hire an interview coach to help you become an expert in job interviewing. The main aim of an interview coach is to help you to obtain a job for which you are well-

Interview is one of the widely used techniques to filter and subsequently pick employees. But, fresh graduates and sometimes even candidates with experience overlook this fact. Through the process of interview, an employer will be able to assess how well a candidate can answer appropriately and how serious he/she is about the

A resume is a first interaction with a company or a potential employer, it’s your first shot at the job. Better make the first shot your best shot. A positive impact of a first impression stays forever and it will help immensely during your interview. So here are a few pointers from the job interview coach about things to a

Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to get the best jobs and others don’t. After the first few years when your academic record stands for a lot, it is surprising how often there lots of people with seemingly equal qualifications and only one or two of them seem to get the best jobs. What is their secret? How do

The job market is slowly improving or that is what the papers seem to be saying, but it may not seem like that is your reality. An interview coach may help you get there.  There are many ways that the workforce has dealt with the extremely sluggish job market these last few years, most of us have used the slack pace to get b