Panel job interviews are the most difficult and nerve wracking type of job interviews in which the candidate or job seeker is bombarded with questions from every side by a group of interviewers or recruiters. Nevertheless, the panel job interviews can be sailed through by researching the panel, remaining calm and preparing su

Job interviews are the toughest situations for candidates both experienced as well those who are just out of their educational institutions. The days even get tougher, when a candidate fails in a job interview and he or she feels dejected or dethroned on getting news that he or she is not selected for that particular job posi

Job interviews are now getting tougher and tougher with every passing year due to tough job markets with higher exceptions from employers about their prospective employees to face the growing competition in the already congested business environment. Job interviews as such are now largely conducted as group interviews that co

Job searching is a part and process of getting job interviews and thereby succeeding in getting the desired job or career by the concerned candidate. Even after the end of the recession, candidates are unable to find a job due to faulty methods of job search causing a stubbornly high unemployment rate and an unprecedented inc

Job interviews are the most stressful situations and the best way is to reduce the stress is to prepare for the job interview both in psychological and physical sense. In a psychological sense, it means to prepare thoroughly the answers to the most common interview questions that will be asked by the interviewer if possible b

Job interviews are not only concerned with answering job interview questions but is also about non-verbal communication skills that has an influence on the employer’s final decision on whether or not to hire the candidate. Studies do reveal that 93% of communication is non-verbal therefore a candidate’s body language is a

Jobs interviews are stressful situations both for graduates who are just out of college and even for those candidates who have years of work experience as their USP (Unique Selling Proposition). The real fact is that companies just want to hire competent, successful, articulate and accomplished candidates as their employees.

Job interviews are quite grueling and demoralizing experience when a candidate fails in job interview in spite of having prepared well for the interview as per his/her views. Job market itself is like a honeycomb that has an overabundance of qualified and experienced candidates many of them competing for the same job. Therefo

In this age of science and technology the new forms of mobile applications or apps is slowly replacing the older methods of job search that consumed lot of time and energy of the job seeker. There are apps that are quite popular and are helping job seekers with their career planning, organizing their job search process, salar

In an office environment, the position of administrative assistant is quite crucial as it involves performing office functions that requires productivity skills, knack for organization or employer and doing variety of clerical and administrative tasks. Some of the task includes performing the below mentioned activities or off