Tips for answering the top three job interview questions

Job interviews require the candidates or job seekers to talk eloquently about their strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments and goals before the interviewers so that they can judge the candidate’s capabilities to do or perform as per the requirements of the job. The most phenomenal aspect of job interviews is that candidates can dramatically improve their job interview performance with a good amount of practice and education with the help of a job interview coach. Even where the concerned candidate’s communication skills are stellar, he she can make mistakes during the job interviews if not prepared well.

Some of the top three questions that are asked by the interviewers along with suggestive answers irrespective of the industry or experience level are given herein for the benefit of the job seekers who would like to taste success in job interviews. These answers will just guide the job seeker in having an insight into the hiring manager’s thought processes and would inspire those (job seekers) in giving their best during the job interviews.

Tell me about yourself – Majority of job interviewers asks this type of question frequently and candidates dread at this question.  The candidate does get frustrated to know the exact solution for this question as he or she is unable to forecast the mind of the interviewer regarding this question. The candidate while answering this question should not waste the opportunity by simply reciting what is already written on the resume and this is not the right time to decipher about the hobbies. Instead, the candidate must try a concise, enthusiastic response that summarizes those particulars that fit the job. This question also gives an opportunity for the candidate to share some information about their proudest achievements and goals in brief.

Describe your current or the most recent job role – This question requires the candidate to share any impressive statistics, numbers or details about the previous job role. The candidate should not describe everything in absolute terms but should only focus on the highlights that this particular job interview requires about the present job position.

What are your weaknesses?  - There is no perfect answer to this question even though with some preparation and practice, the candidate can handle this question gracefully and improve his/her odds of getting hired. Nevertheless, care should be taken not to choose a weakness that could limit the candidate’s ability to do the job well. Further, the candidate should not seem defensive nor dwell on the negative aspects. The candidate should show that he or she is aware of the weakness and would strive to improve to overcome their weaknesses.

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