The latest job hunting trends transforming job searches

Searching for potential job opportunities or vacancies has changed over the past decades with technology transforming the art and science of conducting a successful job-hunt or job search. The innovations or trends are changing the way candidates or job seekers are being recruited by organizations. The 21st century is considered to be the century of technological breakthrough in the form of sophisticated communication gadgets such as smart phones, cell phones, tablets, laptops, iPods and other peripherals that is resulting in fewer resumes, cover letters, behavioral based interviews and follow up phone calls as used to be previously. The present job interviews are being reconstructed around action based projects and having the applicant complete them as per the employers’ requirements.

The candidates or job seekers are now job-hunting for their desired job positions by following the below mentioned latest job hunting trends that are making them stand out in their job search.

Going mobile – As per the new survey published by Glass door about 89% of job seekers are now relying on their mobile devices to search for the jobs. As per this survey, about 45% of job seekers have mentioned that they are using their mobile devices to specifically search for jobs at least once a day. The job seekers are searching for new job opportunities and then saving them to apply from their desktop PCs or laptops at later stages.

Referral Hiring – Employers are now depending on referrals, as they believe that referrals result in better hires. As such, job seekers are now networking with people or friends, acquaintances who can recommend them for open positions in respective firms. The LinkedIn referrals are playing a major role in getting the job interviews from hiring managers of the companies having open job positions. 

Social networking – Top companies are now exploring social networking sites such as Face book, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter for top job candidates. These companies are creating unique social networking techniques to connect with potential hires. Candidates are now keeping their updated profiles on these social networking sites (company websites) thereby having better chances of getting the job.

Job boards – College graduates or professionals are applying jobs on the respective job boards of the organizations. Niche job boards such as Craigslist, Crunch Board, and, etc. are emerging as popular job boards to post jobs and to attract talent for companies and as such are attracting niche candidates.

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