Rejection is something the human mind finds very difficult to accept and when it comes in a job interview, the dent it leaves on your psyche is unmistakable. A job is a means to a life and lifestyle that we all yearn for, so we put everything that we can behind the interview preparation process and try to get everything right

Job Interviews can be dicey for many, it often stems from the fact that it means a lot to us and we have everything to lose. People are often a nervous wreck couple of days even before the interview. The butterflies flying in your stomach and the amount of stress your body and mind are taking often cloud’s your thinking. Th

Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to get the best jobs and others don’t. After the first few years when your academic record stands for a lot, it is surprising how often there lots of people with seemingly equal qualifications and only one or two of them seem to get the best jobs. What is their secret? How do