Preparation, the key to ace an interview

Interview is one of the widely used techniques to filter and subsequently pick employees. But, fresh graduates and sometimes even candidates with experience overlook this fact. Through the process of interview, an employer will be able to assess how well a candidate can answer appropriately and how serious he/she is about the job.

This is why preparation is one of the important things that will set a few apart from the rest. Going unprepared, calling the interviewer ‘dude’ thinking you can charm your way to the job or chewing gum and thinking you will be selected to keep your cool will probably just stop with the movies.

There are a few things that can help you ace your interview and get the job you want. Practice mock interviews. Role playing will help you gather confidence and come across as a strong person. Only talk about your previous experiences that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Paid or not, keep the other ones out. Make it clear to the interviewer about what you do. This should help them understand why they should pick you for the job you seek.

Always respect the interviewers. Generally, only qualified and experienced professionals handle the interviewing process. They might even be owners or partners of the firm. How you respond to them and how you treat them will give them an idea about how you might handle the clients.

Apart from good etiquette and a smart resume, you need to do research about the company and the job you are applying for. You need to know what the company makes or what services they offer and what they are working towards. Their websites will give you some insight to their history and their vision.

You need to give relevant answers and you need to keep them short. Talk about how you will bring value to the company. Do not talk too much about yourself

Generally at the end of the interview, candidates are encouraged to ask a few questions. If you haven’t prepared questions do not ask them. The questions you ask should reflect the knowledge you have in the field and about the company.

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