New ways to ace job interviews

Job interviews offer a unique opportunity for candidates to convince the interviewer that he or she is a right person to do the job. The objective of the job interview is to know whether the candidate possesses the necessary skills and sufficient knowledge to fill up the vacant job position. At the same time, a job interview provides the candidate an opportunity to find out whether the company or the employer is suitable for him or her and the job is really that one which the concerned candidate can excel throughout his/her career.

Even though, job interviews seem like a simple exchange of questions and answers, but these questions can topple the candidate’s prospects of landing on the job if he or she handles them with negligence or in a wrong manner. Job interviews create anxiety irrespective of whether the candidate is a recent graduate or a high-level chief executive or any other type of contender for a job. The fear of uncertainty forms the basis of majority of interview anxieties. Therefore, it is important to approach every job interview with optimal confidence and smart strategies. There are certain new tips that have emerged recently to help the candidate in landing his/her desired job and these include.

Change in attitude about job interviews:  Majority of candidates feels that going for a job interview is like preparing for a major surgery in a hospital or heading to a court to know about their case. This type of fear psychosis towards a job interview should be avoided. Job interviews should be regarded as a merely a conversation in the form of questions and answers that helps the candidate in learning about the employer and knowing each other well. By seeing job interviews as a healthy conversation, a candidate can eliminate the high stress levels on themselves while attending to job interviews.

Using imagery before the interview: Before going for a job interview, the candidate should close his/her eyes, relax and see himself or herself as entering the interview and responding to questions with confidence. Such a feeling would help the candidate in gaining confidence for attending to real job interview.

Talk proudly about the strengths: It is observed that the majority of candidates downplay their successes because they feel they are bragging. Nevertheless, a strong belief in skills, expertise of the work can help the candidate in landing on the job whereas a watered down approach will not.

Avoid bragging: Where the candidate is stumped by a question, it is better on the part of the candidate to simply acknowledge that he or she has not previously considered this question. Therefore, he or she would like to provide a thoughtful response and may request the interviewer to allow him or her to come back to it later. The candidate should never brag on unknown questions. Some of these tips can be implemented successfully by hiring the services of a job interview coach who is the right person to guide the candidate on acing job interviews.

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