Job interviews are mainly concerned with how the candidate or job seeker conveys his or her skills and abilities within the limited time set in for conducting job interviews by the employer or the interviewer. Large companies are now expecting elevator speech or pitch from the candidates or job seekers especially during struc

Psychometric tests are being used by several companies to work out the suitability of the candidates as their potential employees. Psychometric testing delves deeper than a simple aptitude test providing an insight into the concerned individual’s personality and ability. Psychometric testing is usually conducted when hiring

Getting the desired job is not so easy like purchasing a product or service in an open market. Candidates need to have knowledge about the exact source or resources through which the jobs could be grasped. According to the Department of Labor, unemployment rate in the United States hit a high at 10% in October 2009. The unemp

Job interviews are the toughest situations for not only those job seekers or candidates who have just entered into the employment market but also for those who have years of work experience but shudder attending job interviews. There are different types of job interviews that a candidate is required to attend to before gettin

Job interviews turn even the experienced candidates nervous as if they are attending these interviews for the first time. The preparation for job interview cannot be said to be complete until and unless the concerned candidate minds his/her body language. A candidate may be well prepared to give great responses or answers to