Job interviews are the most stressful situations and the best way is to reduce the stress is to prepare for the job interview both in psychological and physical sense. In a psychological sense, it means to prepare thoroughly the answers to the most common interview questions that will be asked by the interviewer if possible b

Job interviews these days have become much tougher with employers desirous of recruiting the best candidates as their employees to face the winds of business competition across the globe. One of the most popular methods of job interviews that have become an important part of the selection procedures used by majority of employ

Job interviews have become more complicated and are equivalent to mines awaiting to blow up if the candidate does not prepare well or do not have any knowledge about the latest job interview techniques. The tough job market is forcing majority of candidates to take guidance on job interviews like he or she takes for any acade

Job interviews are not only concerned with answering job interview questions but is also about non-verbal communication skills that has an influence on the employer’s final decision on whether or not to hire the candidate. Studies do reveal that 93% of communication is non-verbal therefore a candidate’s body language is a

Jobs interviews are stressful situations both for graduates who are just out of college and even for those candidates who have years of work experience as their USP (Unique Selling Proposition). The real fact is that companies just want to hire competent, successful, articulate and accomplished candidates as their employees.