Job interviews are not just about the candidate getting the job purely on the basis of his/her qualifications and work experience, but is also a test about the candidate’s goodwill among his/her friends, colleagues, relatives, family, previous employers, acquaintances etc. These are all termed, as “references” that are

The talk of a job interview makes the majority of candidates to get panicky and annoyed and even the most experienced job candidate can at times say or do the wrong things during the job interview. The risk of failing in job interview stems from the fact that most of job seekers are not able to understand or are able to inter

Job interviews provide an opportunity as a platform for candidate to market his/her inherent skills and work experience pertaining to the concerned job position. Companies or interviewers also want to use a job interview to find out as much as they can about the candidate or applicant. These job interviews provide an opportun

Job interviews as such provide a unique opportunity for candidate to explore his/her inherent abilities and put them before the interviewer or the recruiter. However, not every job interview explored by a candidate result in success and at times the candidate may have to accept failure in good stead and learn from the mistake