Getting a job interview is itself an accomplishment, but it should not make the job seeker or a candidate to be lethargic or in a relaxed mood once, the interview is scheduled. Seven deadly mistakes can hurt the chances of getting the job and leaving a bad impression on the interviewer. These seven mistakes have been discusse

Job interviews give the job seeker or candidate the best opportunity to put their personal brand to use in an effective and efficient way. As a job seeker, the concerned candidate needs to be focused, determined and consistent to convince the interviewer or recruiter that his/her personal brand is the perfect match for the ad

Job interviews require the candidates or job seekers to talk eloquently about their strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments and goals before the interviewers so that they can judge the candidate’s capabilities to do or perform as per the requirements of the job. The most phenomenal aspect of job interviews is that candidates

Job interviews offer a unique opportunity for candidates to convince the interviewer that he or she is a right person to do the job. The objective of the job interview is to know whether the candidate possesses the necessary skills and sufficient knowledge to fill up the vacant job position. At the same time, a job interview