Five Mind Games Interviewers Play

A job interview in itself is a pretty tough proposition, people are often a nervous wreck, considering that there’s so much at stake. Interviewers don’t make it any easier, they have whole host of tricks up their sleeve to put the candidate under pressure. So here’s a look at some of the common mind games employed by interviewers to put you off.

The Awkward Silence  

This is a very common phenomenon where the interviewer pauses at an inappropriate time leaving an awkward silence putting you in a quandary of whether to speak or not. The way out is to speak, you fill the void and even if the interviewer interrupts you can stop immediately.

Truth be Told

Recruiters often ask for your former boss’ first and last name and make a note of it seriously, giving you the impression that your boss will be contacted to verify information. More often than not, this is an attempt to get you into an honest mode, so you speak the truth all the way. A job interview coach advice would be, don’t be ruffled, keep calm and stick to the truth.


Interviewers ask hypothetical questions and ones that are incomplete like asking if you were ever in a tricky situation and not asking how you came out of it. They try to gage if you’re somebody who takes on problems head-on and solves them. So tell them the situation and also how you got yourself out of it.


If people understood how much pronouns matter in an interview, they would probably call it profound noun. Yes, interviewers see if you’re using I, me and we (first person) or you, your (Second person). It is often believed that top performers in interviews speak in first person, so that’s your best bet.

Passive or Active

Even the voice in which you speak is closely scrutinized, in active voice the subject performs the action and it is simple. When you use passive voice, it sounds as if you’re trying to sound smarter than you actually are, so as a job interview coach, the advice is to keep it simple keep it active

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