A resume is a first interaction with a company or a potential employer, it’s your first shot at the job. Better make the first shot your best shot. A positive impact of a first impression stays forever and it will help immensely during your interview. So here are a few pointers from the job interview coach about things to a

A job interview in itself is a pretty tough proposition, people are often a nervous wreck, considering that there’s so much at stake. Interviewers don’t make it any easier, they have whole host of tricks up their sleeve to put the candidate under pressure. So here’s a look at some of the common mind games employed by in

Changing jobs is the norm, looking out for better alternatives to ones existing position is the usual way upward in profession. And, change of a job involves going through interviews – which in essence are the gateways to the new opportunities. This is where job interview coaching plays a prominent role.

Thousands graduate all over the country every year but the likelihood of each and every graduate to land a dream job isn’t a part of most eventualities. The life after graduation for some may result in changing fields but for most it results in underemployment and hence many are underpaid but overworked in jobs they hate. W