Use of jargon during job interviews

The talk of a job interview makes the majority of candidates to get panicky and annoyed and even the most experienced job candidate can at times say or do the wrong things during the job interview. The risk of failing in job interview stems from the fact that most of job seekers are not able to understand or are able to interpret the jargon used in job advertisements and interviews. The risk of failure is more for those candidates who are interested to seek jobs from one sector to another. There are certain job lexicons that should be taken into account by the candidate or even experienced executives. Some of the jargon that is needed to interpret has been explained in brief as mentioned below.

Corporation/Company: A candidate or job seeker must avoid referring to the organization as the “Company” or similar words such as “Corporation”. This type of usage is known to irritate the interviewers and shows the candidate’s arrogance. 

Avoid using business jargon: The candidate should also take into account not to use business jargon such as “ROI” (return on investment), “EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization) or “CAGR” (compounded annual growth rate) or “net profits” etc. Instead, the candidate can use words such as “income statement” or profit and loss statement” etc while describing about his/her knowledge or experience in the field of finance except in cases where the organization is related with financial sector.

Research the organization: Before using the jargon, the candidate should research the organization’s website and print materials to see words that they use or are using. This gives an idea to the candidate in using words that are compatible with the organization’s business. 

Accomplishments: While describing about his/her accomplishments, the candidate should relate his/her achievements in a quantified manner. For instance, the candidate can say that he or she has increased the sales lead from one hundred to one thousand in just two months etc.

Overused words: Candidates should avoid words that are quite overused and these include words such as creative, organizational, effective, extensive experience, record of accomplishment, motivated, innovative, problem solving, communication skills and dynamic. These words do not say anything specific and therefore the candidate or job seeker is only required to use jargon that gives details on what he or she has accomplished and what the concerned candidate would bring to the job position. The job seeker can take the help of a job interview coach to know about the jargon that must be used or should not be used during job interviews.   

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