Seven Mistakes You Might Make Before Your Job Interview

Getting a job interview is itself an accomplishment, but it should not make the job seeker or a candidate to be lethargic or in a relaxed mood once, the interview is scheduled. Seven deadly mistakes can hurt the chances of getting the job and leaving a bad impression on the interviewer. These seven mistakes have been discussed herein under for the benefit of the readers.

1.    Not doing enough research: Doing basic research about the company is an important aspect and therefore, candidates are required to spend some time in browsing the employer’s/company’s website and spend at least twenty minutes to learn enough about them. This research would help the candidate in speaking intelligently about the work of the employer and impressing the interviewers.

2.    Not to connect to social networking sites: It is a sin not to connect with social networking sites such as Linked In, Face book etc nowadays to check whether what connections your network might have with the interviewer or to the company. The job seeker can get a chance to be linked to the person or persons who has deep insight about the company’s (interviewer) culture and its prominent players.

3.    Fail to practice the common job interview questions: The candidate or job seeker should practice some of the common job interview questions that are usually asked by the interviewers. These include what are your strengths and weaknesses. Why are you thinking of leaving your current job etc. Practicing answers to these types of questions is an easy way to ace the job interview.

4.    Have a dilemma of talking about the topics that worry you: Practicing on those topics that worry you such as why you left your last job position or why you have so many short duration jobs etc would help the candidate in making him/her more comfortable in answering these topics.

5.    Not to talk about the salary: The question about what salary you are expecting without revealing anything about the range for the position by the interviewer is most intriguing. Therefore, it is better for the candidate to do some salary research ahead of time and do some number crunching as per the current market salary standards for the particular job position.

6.     LinkedIn profile: The Linked In profile of your interviewer may present some interesting facts that would help the job seeker or candidate in building some rapport with the interviewer. Therefore, avoiding spending some time on LinkedIn is a disadvantage for the job seeker.

7.    Not coming up with own questions at the interview: It is quite common these days for the interviewers to ask the candidates about what questions they have for them. This forms an important part of an interview process as asking good questions by the candidate helps him or her in learning about whether this job or the company is right for the concerned candidate. Good questions to be asked by the candidate at this stage of the interview include questions about the role of the job, the details of the work and the questions about the culture of the organization/office etc.    

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