Aware about new job interview skill sets

Job interviews are nothing but the candidates’ presentation skills and his/her attitude towards the organization and the concerned job. Interviewers or employers normally conduct job interviews to know about the candidate’s confidence and positive skill sets. Majority of the candidates are under the impression that marketing about their skill sets and work experience would appear to be an arrogant behavior and therefore consider opting for mainstream answers that sometimes appear to be too vague. The candidate meanwhile goes into depression when the interview panel rejects him or her outright.

Therefore, the best way to ace job interviews is to be aware of a number of job interview techniques that can help the concerned candidate in making him or her strongest or most viable candidate as the prospective employee of the organization. For success in job interviews, the following four tips and skills would be helpful in getting the desired job for the candidate. These four important tips are herein discussed below for the review of the reader:

1. Know yourself: Majority of candidates fail during job interviews, as they do not care to review carefully about their offerings to the organization. In other words, the candidate needs to take time to think about their experience and about how it makes him or her ideal prospective employee for that post and how the candidate can demonstrate this through concrete examples. Practicing through mock job interviews by hiring the services of a job interview coach would help the candidate in this regard.

2. Keeping answers brief: The other important job interview tip is that blaring lengthy answers do not make the points clearly enough nor giving short answers. As a rule, the candidate must ensure that his/her answers fit within the 1.5 to 2 minutes time structure with some more time for open interview type questions but answers must not exceed 3 minutes time so that the interviewers may ask further questions.

3. Using active and powerful words: Experienced candidates must use active words and verbs such as “Played a key role in”, “Managed”, “Built on” etc to reflect the role played by the concerned candidate. Using words such as “I was involved in” repeatedly reflects a situation in which the candidate played a role rather than the role itself.

4. Body language and behavior: The body language of the concerned candidate plays an important role in giving lot of information about the candidate. Even though, interviewers do not look specifically look into the body language (unless it so bad that they cannot miss it) but they (interviewers) will be subconsciously affected by it throughout the interview process. Thus, these are the four tips that must be taken into account for acing job interviews.  

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