In today’s competitive world, interviews can no longer be treated as pushovers. When interviewers themselves come well prepared for the job, you cannot afford to treat an interview session lightly.  If you are not well prepared and well on guard, you will end up shooting yourself on the foot. There are hundreds of candidat

Finding the right job in today’s uncertain times has become an uphill task. Millions of job seekers are competing for dwindling positions across all sectors. Even skilled and experienced workers are finding it very difficult to bag a dream job. Do you stand a chance amid such tight conditions? Yes you do, provided you know

If you do not have the time to enroll into a direct interview training session, you can always opt for a job interview coaching online. You can make your pick from innumerable interview tutorials available on the net. Ther

Are interviews a big impediment towards getting you a good job? If so, do not feel lonely or crushed. There are several candidates like you, who find interviews equally stressful and embarrassing. All you need is a good job interv

A job interview is not meant to be a cake walk. Interviewers are entrusted with the task of picking the best possible candidate. To do a good job, they make a candidate go through the grind. Their task is not just restricted to finding the most capable candidate. They should ensure the candidate has the right temperament, goo