The importance of speech during job interviews

Success in job interviews has become quite tough in the present ultra competitive job market with the demand for available jobs exceeding their supply. Candidates try out different tactics to ace the job interviews in the form of polishing their resumes, dressing neatly and rehearsing thoroughly for their successive job interviews. Even though it is not a sin to prepare in advance for job interviews but contrary to popular belief that a resume alone or dressing well would get the job offer is myth that should be debunked. However, the main USP or Unique Selling Proposition for acing the job interviews is the speech habits of the concerned candidate.

To win over the potential employer or interviewer, the candidate should concentrate on the best ways to present him or herself verbally. Careless speech habits can kill the chances of getting the job, particularly where the candidate is too casual, immature and is ignorant about the speech techniques that need to be followed or adhered to during job interviews. The speech habits or the communication skills are very important when attending to job interviews especially for the professional job positions, clear communication abilities are necessary for getting the job. There are some cardinal rules that must be followed when speaking to an interviewer or a panel of interviewers. These rules are discussed in brief herein below for the benefit of the job seekers.

  1. Slow down: Even though there is some anxiety and nervousness when attending to a job interview, the candidate can overcome them by speaking slowly and deliberately that shows that the concerned candidate is confident and calm and gives the interviewer the chance to absorb what the candidate is saying. The candidate should keep the conversation warm and open and with a friendly feeling. When asked a question, the candidate can wait a moment before answering the question. After completely answering a question, the candidate should stop talking. Pausing is an effective interview technique for communicating clearly.
  2. Speak with conviction: The candidate should be able to portray him or her by using language that shows how he or she is confident and capable for the concerned job position. The job seeker must beware of filling up answers with phrases such as “maybe”, “sort of”, “hopefully” etc. The candidate must use strong and powerful words such as “I am confident that”, “My goal is” etc. to impress the interviewer.
  3. Shun using sloppy speech: The other important point to remember during job interviews is that interviewers hate sloppy speech of the candidate. The candidate should speak slowly without slurring the words together and avoiding dropping the endings of sentences or involve in fading of the words when finishing his/her speech. Using incorrect grammar or slang can make the interviewer doubt the capabilities of the candidate’s education and intelligence. Using correct tenses is recommended and do avoid regional expressions or informal language. In totality, employers want to hire people who are articulate and well spoken.

Hiring the services of a job interview coach can help the candidate in understanding about the speech techniques for acing job interviews.

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