The role of psychometric tests in job interviews

Job interview techniques and procedures are changing with the times and with the advancement of newer scientific innovations being made in the field of psychology, human resources and other areas of staffing recruitment procedures. The psychometric testing has emerged as a tool for the majority of organizations to recruit candidates or job seekers as their employees based on their knowledge, intelligence and personality. The psychometric testing is usually applied to recruiting senior management level job positions to assess the decision-making capabilities of the candidate and to observe what their strengths or weaknesses are and how they can match up with the job requirements.

It is estimated that around 75% of the “Times Top 100 companies” in the United Kingdom use psychometric testing to help interviewers to know how well candidate would work with a team and their capabilities in relation to the job role. Amidst the different types of psychometric tests used by interviewers an Emotional Intelligence or EI test takes a special place. This test allows the prospective employer to assess how well the applicant will work in a new setting. In teamwork, there is the necessity to have friendly relationship between all the sections of employees irrespective of their designations. It is quite natural that employers want to ensure that every person they accept into the company will be able to get along with others.

The emotional intelligence can be defined as an ability to understand and control emotion. People having high level of emotional intelligence or EI allows them to have the following capabilities/qualities and these include-

  1. To understand the emotional undercurrents within the working environment and the capability and capacity to adapt to them
  2. The ability to lead others
  3. Increasing work efficiency of the team
  4. Having capability to adapt to changes
  5. To accept criticism in a positive way

The above-mentioned qualities or capabilities make a person an invaluable team player. Employers usually hire those persons who have demonstrated a high level of emotional intelligence over the candidates that have better skills or higher educational qualifications. The candidate needs to prepare for these tests through practicing online psychometric tests and use them to have a better understanding about what the concerned job seeker can expect during the job interview. Hiring the services of a job interview coach can also help the candidate in making a good impression on the interviewers.

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