Job interviews are one of the toughest experiences for a candidate irrespective of years of work experience that a candidate may have under his belt. The job interview situations are tougher as a candidate is not sure what questions would be asked at these interview sessions. For physicians an effective job interview is not a

Job interviews tests not only the inherent skills and body language of the candidate but also about the preparation of the jobseekers in terms of their organizational skills in bringing necessary things at the place of job interview. There are certain things or items that need to be followed during the process of job intervie

Job interviews are turning into landmines for those who are novice about the process of job interview techniques. It is estimated that over 80% of people do not know how to prepare for job interviews successfully and with the present global economic downturns, there are more people than ever who are getting back into the job

Job interviews are most challenging and mind blowing for the job seekers or candidates who are seeking for the desired job positions. Majority of job seekers are found off guard and tongue tied when they are asked difficult interview questions. These interview questions make the candidates nervous and render them helpless in

Getting an interview call is a rare phenomenon these days amidst the tough competition in the job market. A candidate is really fortunate enough, if he or she gets an interview call for the applied job. However, the main road block that really bothers the probable candidate is to be prepared for the interview mentally. A cand

With each passing day clearing job interviews is becoming a tough proposition. This is because of increasing competition. Organizations now find it easy to get qualified and skilled candidates and picking the right ones amongst the best has made matters difficult for them as well. Therefore, interviews are designed to scrutin

Have a look at how you can and you can not fare in an interview that contains highly pitched personalities. Pay attention to your verbal tics … If you want a professional job, then talk like a professional. Stop spraying in your speech, “equal” and “Know Ya”. When you see them doing little check

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