The period of job search or hunt starts from the day when the candidate comes out of the college or university in search of jobs as per his/her qualifications and career choices. There exists large-scale unemployment in the present circumstances of global recession with the average job hunt these days extending to four months

Job interviews are becoming more and more stressful and can be nerve wracking if the candidate does not know about job interview techniques. With large number of candidates lining up for few available jobs, the winner among them is the one who aptly knows about the job interview techniques. The best way to succeed in a job in

Job interviews are now becoming quite complex as employers are seeking candidates based on their analytical skills rather than their acquired list of skills in the form of degrees and certifications. Employers want their employees to have analytical thinking while solving various problems or issues related with their job func

Resumes play a very vital role in getting job interview calls. Irrespective of whether the candidate is a recent graduate or an experienced professional in search of a new opportunity, getting a job interview call is the first step for entering into the portals of the concerned employer. An employer can receive thousands of r

Candidates who do not know about job interview techniques consider job interviews as the main hindrance for getting their desired jobs. These candidates fail to understand the importance of job interviews and therefore fail in acing the job interviews successfully. Studies reveal that it takes employers just ten minutes to de