Precautions to be taken while attending job interviews

Attending to job interviews is a normal practice usually opted by those candidates just out of their colleges and universities or for those already employed and are desirous of making a career jump/change from their present job positions. However, the fact is that searching for employment is not a sin and therefore does not need to be a topic of every discussion especially if the concerned candidate is already employed. The best way to do for a job search ranges from applying to jobs by the candidate on his/her own and being selective about the people who knows the details about the concerned candidate’s job search.

However, the candidate who is already employed must take the following precautions in case he or she is looking for new career avenues in terms of job search and these include the following things:

1. Work time:  An existing employee of an organization looking for an employment elsewhere must take precautions to compartmentalize the time he/she spends at work versus the time the concerned candidate (employee) spend looking for a new job. When at work the concerned employee must devote entire attention and commitment to his/her current employer. This means that the employee must give an honest 8 hours of work for the pay he or she receives in return. It is not recommended to spend time looking for a new job at the present employer’s expense.

2. Interviews: An existing employee remaining absent from work one day or the other is a sure sign that he or she is looking for a new job or employment. It is better on the part of the candidate (employee) to use his or her weekends or office holidays for scheduling interviews instead of pretending to be sick and using sick leaves to get the day off from work to go for an interview.

3. Prudence: The candidate must use his/her prudence in divulging the details or news of the job search. Where the job search is confidential but the candidate/employee wants to tell certain colleagues, he or she must ask them not to reveal about the job search and keep it close to their heart.

4. Social Networking: Employers/recruiters are now using social networking mode such as Face book to know about their employees activities. Therefore, the best advice for the existing employee who is on a job search is to close his/her social networking accounts where the candidate may spill the beans about employment activities. It is good for the candidate cum employee if he or she sticks to professional networking sites. 

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