Getting job offer is the goal of every candidate or job seeker who attends to the job interviews day in and day out. The process of getting job interviews is itself quite competitive and complicated with numerous candidates waiting in fray for getting the concerned job positions. The foundation for the success in job intervie

Job interviews are quite grueling and demoralizing experience when a candidate fails in job interview in spite of having prepared well for the interview as per his/her views. Job market itself is like a honeycomb that has an overabundance of qualified and experienced candidates many of them competing for the same job. Therefo

Competency based job interviews also known as situational, behavioral interviews are a type or style of interviewing that often used to evaluate a candidate’s or job seeker’s competence particularly when it is hard to select a candidate on the basis of technical merit and/or where the relevant experience is of less import

Job interviews are one of the most stressed situations for a job seeker or even for an experienced working professional in search of career growth. In addition to preparing for the job interview questions that would be asked at the place of interview, the candidates are also required forecasting about the things that could be

In this age of science and technology the new forms of mobile applications or apps is slowly replacing the older methods of job search that consumed lot of time and energy of the job seeker. There are apps that are quite popular and are helping job seekers with their career planning, organizing their job search process, salar

In an office environment, the position of administrative assistant is quite crucial as it involves performing office functions that requires productivity skills, knack for organization or employer and doing variety of clerical and administrative tasks. Some of the task includes performing the below mentioned activities or off

Job interviews either from small or big organizations brings within a candidate a deep sense of anxiety or fear psychosis regarding his/her appearances, mannerisms, in answering different questions raised by the interviewer or panel of interviewers. The candidate may be in a dilemma in what to say and how to say answers asked

Informational interview can be defined as an interview conducted to collect information about a job, career, industry or company. In actual sense, an informational interview cannot be considered as a job interview instead it is an interview with an individual working in a career/organization that a candidate or job seeker wou

The period of job search or hunt starts from the day when the candidate comes out of the college or university in search of jobs as per his/her qualifications and career choices. There exists large-scale unemployment in the present circumstances of global recession with the average job hunt these days extending to four months

Job interviews are becoming more and more stressful and can be nerve wracking if the candidate does not know about job interview techniques. With large number of candidates lining up for few available jobs, the winner among them is the one who aptly knows about the job interview techniques. The best way to succeed in a job in