Job interviews per se are a test of one’s nerves. While direct interviews lend a more relaxed ambience to the interviewee, phone interviews are similar to dealing with an unseen person. Facing phone interviews successfully calls for a well coordinated approach to the whole exercise.  Lot of mental tuning is essential to go

Interview is one of the widely used techniques to filter and subsequently pick employees. But, fresh graduates and sometimes even candidates with experience overlook this fact. Through the process of interview, an employer will be able to assess how well a candidate can answer appropriately and how serious he/she is about the

A resume is a first interaction with a company or a potential employer, it’s your first shot at the job. Better make the first shot your best shot. A positive impact of a first impression stays forever and it will help immensely during your interview. So here are a few pointers from the job interview coach about things to a

A job interview in itself is a pretty tough proposition, people are often a nervous wreck, considering that there’s so much at stake. Interviewers don’t make it any easier, they have whole host of tricks up their sleeve to put the candidate under pressure. So here’s a look at some of the common mind games employed by in

Changing jobs is the norm, looking out for better alternatives to ones existing position is the usual way upward in profession. And, change of a job involves going through interviews – which in essence are the gateways to the new opportunities. This is where job interview coaching plays a prominent role.

Thousands graduate all over the country every year but the likelihood of each and every graduate to land a dream job isn’t a part of most eventualities. The life after graduation for some may result in changing fields but for most it results in underemployment and hence many are underpaid but overworked in jobs they hate. W

Rejection is something the human mind finds very difficult to accept and when it comes in a job interview, the dent it leaves on your psyche is unmistakable. A job is a means to a life and lifestyle that we all yearn for, so we put everything that we can behind the interview preparation process and try to get everything right

Job Interviews can be dicey for many, it often stems from the fact that it means a lot to us and we have everything to lose. People are often a nervous wreck couple of days even before the interview. The butterflies flying in your stomach and the amount of stress your body and mind are taking often cloud’s your thinking. Th

Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to get the best jobs and others don’t. After the first few years when your academic record stands for a lot, it is surprising how often there lots of people with seemingly equal qualifications and only one or two of them seem to get the best jobs. What is their secret? How do

There is always a lot of emphasis on what should be on your resume, there is never enough thought put into what it should not contain. More often than not, if you’re able to keep certain common clichés and basic mistakes off your resume, you increase your chances of getting a look in for a job. As it’s often insisted, br