Little things that make a huge difference in an interview

Interviews are the most common way to determine whether an applicant is suitable for the job or not. During interviews, interviewers are out to get a sense of the interviewees. They read you from the minute you step in to the interview room, until you step out. That’s why, even the little things you do matter.

Interviewers pay attention to body language. This is a little more than known. But how to use it and come across as a good candidate? Read, learn and use some of these interview tips at your interview.

Sit only when you are asked to. And sit tall and straight. Square your shoulders and sit like you belong there. Don’t let the interviewers think that they have already intimidated you. Do not accept anything you are offered to drink, except water. Not even coffee. They don’t want to spend their time fixing you something to drink.

Read you interviewers while they read you. Judge the age of the interviewers and alter your answers accordingly. Give them answers with values that they might be looking for. Making eye contact with the interviewers is very necessary. When a person asks you a question, start answering by making eye contact with that person and later make eye contact with the rest too.

It is important to dress appropriately and comfortably. If you are not sure what to wear, always go with light colored formal clothing. You don’t need to draw too much attention or stand out with your bold clothing unless the job calls for it.

Your hands and head talk. Interviewers pay attention to your hands and that will tell them how sincere your answers are. If you show your palms while answering a question, it is a sign of honesty. If you fold your hands across your chest, they will take it as a sign of being defensive. Putting them in your pockets is worse. It is a sign that you have something to hide. Don’t use your hands too much that you distract the interviewer from what you are saying. Smile occasionally, tilt your head and listen and answer politely.

These little interview tips and pointers will go a long way in helping you land your dream job.

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