Beware of overused phrases during job interviews

Job interviews have become tougher and competitive these days with limited job positions and more experienced and qualified candidates vying for these jobs. The candidates or job seekers should be aware of those things that help them or more importantly hurt them during the job interview process.  Nevertheless, recruiters or employers interviewing the candidates often found that candidates more often indulge in certain phrases that are overused or seem absurd to hear. Therefore, it is recommended for candidates not to overuse these phrases so that they do not fall into the trap of a failed job interview. Some of these overused phrases have been discussed in brief herein below for the benefit of job seekers.

I am a team player: Simply stating that I am a team player makes the interviewer to get irritated or disgusted, as the vagueness of this phrase gives no indication of the candidate’s skills in working with others. Employers expect to hear from the candidate with real examples or illustrations that throw light on how a potential employee or candidate has worked in collaboration and how it contributed to their success in that particular job.

I am hard worker: During a job interview, interviewers usually consider every candidate to be hard working and as such using this phrase seems quite absurd for the interviewer. This phrase fails to differentiate one candidate from the other. Interviewers rather prefer to have their prospective employee to be more specific. For instance, employers would like to know in what ways the candidate is hard working or what the candidate has done to consider him or herself as a hard worker concerned with the job position. 

How much does it pay? This phrase from the candidate usually gets a negative reaction from the interviewers as recruiters would not like to talk about the compensation or salary of the candidate until the candidate gets an offer to join the organization. Therefore, it is better for the candidate not to discuss on pay until he or she gets a formal job offer.

I think I am a perfect fit for this job: Interviewers do appreciate the enthusiasm of the candidate but candidate who go overboard by using this phrase conveys a lack of understanding of the concerned job position. It is better for the candidate to give examples or illustrations that describe their skills in understanding of the concerned job position and how they can specifically succeed in that position.

Therefore, candidates as such should stop using generic exaggerations when attending to job interviews. They can hire the services of a job interview coach to know more about those phrases that should be avoided during job interviews.

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