Job interviews are now getting tougher and tougher with every passing year due to tough job markets with higher exceptions from employers about their prospective employees to face the growing competition in the already congested business environment. Job interviews as such are now largely conducted as group interviews that co

Job interviews are hard nuts to crack for not only experienced executives but also for those candidates who are just out of their educational institutions. However, avoiding job interviews will not be the solution for getting the desired jobs. Therefore, attending the job interviews with full preparation is the only alternati

Job interviews are not only concerned with answering job interview questions but is also about non-verbal communication skills that has an influence on the employer’s final decision on whether or not to hire the candidate. Studies do reveal that 93% of communication is non-verbal therefore a candidate’s body language is a

Job interviews require impeccable skills from the candidate who would like to get the desired job as per his/her qualification and work experiences. It is very important for candidates to prepare well for a job interview otherwise the famous quote of Benjamin Franklin “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” wou

In these days of tough competition along with global economic turmoil, organizations are looking for those employees as their executives who are able to steer the company’s businesses successfully. Therefore, companies want to hire competent, successful, and articulate executives as their employees. In majority of cases, ex

Job interviews are the toughest nut to crack even for those who have previous work experiences. Therefore, candidates or job seekers should not lose confidence in case they did not do well in their just concluded job interviews. The candidate may feel frustrated and discouraging when he or she finds that someone else had been

Job interviews have changed a lot during the last two decades and the change has occurred quite fast with the advancement in the internet technologies and new recruitment methods being discovered quite frequently. Job interviews have become quite tough and competitive due to availability of more and more qualified candidates

Job interviews offer the candidate a unique opportunity to present himself or herself as a potential employee before the interview panel/the interviewers or a prospective employer. Job interviews definitely are platforms for the candidate to focus naturally and appropriately on the positive qualities and the assets that the c

Attending to job interviews is a normal practice usually opted by those candidates just out of their colleges and universities or for those already employed and are desirous of making a career jump/change from their present job positions. However, the fact is that searching for employment is not a sin and therefore does not n

Job interviews are turning to be the hardest part of getting the desired job by the candidates. The preparation for job is an utmost important factor in getting a job offer. Preparing for the interview means the candidates need to talk about themselves about their skills, accomplishments and values that the concerned candidat