Basic Package

As a global Firm, we are only paid when we find a candidate who the client actually hires. That means it is in our best interest to help candidates "Ace" the interview with the client so that the candidate can be hired, the client fills their empty position and yes, so we are paid.


This is why we spent years developing,testing,and perfecting an Interview Coaching system that would meet our three primary requirements,including:

  1. It Had to be Easy to understand

  2. The Candidate Needed to Learn the System Fast

  3. And Most Importantly It Had to Work and Get the Candidate Hired!

“Once we perfected the system and used it to help 1,000's to ace their interviews and get hired by our clients, we began offering Interview Coaching services on a 1-on-1 basis. But in 2010 and after being deluged with requests from people desperate for our Interview Coaching system but unable to afford the1-on-1 service, we decided to create:”

The How To Interview Guide

"Make no Mistake: The How To Interview Guide is NOT just another confusing e-book filled with useless fluff: and irrelevant information that you can't understand or use. All of this priceless information is presented in a very easy-to-read and implement format and includes our entire Interview Coaching system but at a fraction of the cost of 1-on-1 training!”

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn in this amazing and proven resource:

  • How to lower Your Weaknesses and Transform them Into Assets During the Interview

          "The Secrets of Using SAR(Situation,Action,Result)Storytelling Techniques that will Make the Interviewer Forget About Other Candidates!"

  • "How to Answer "Behavioral"Interview Questions In a Way that Thruly Impresses Your Interviewer

  • How to Successfully Navigate through Multi-Phase Hiring Processes-Every Step of the Way!"

          Specific Research Techniques to Use Before the Interview so that you are the Most Prepared Candidate the Interviewer Meets-This Truly Impresses them and Dramatically Improves Your Chances of Being Hired!

  • How to Read Your Interviewer to Make Critical Adjustments During the Interview!

          "Interview Closing Techniques to Help Seal the Deal and Get Your Hired"

The How To Interview Guide is available in e-book format and available for immediate download for one simple reason: To make it as affordable as possible - just $19.99!

And don't worry: We fully understand that times are tight and you can’t go around wasting your money on useless systems so that is why your purchase is absolutely risk free and covered by our:


The How To Interview Guide" includes the Exact, Step-by-Step process we have used to help 1,000's of candidates ace their interviews and land the jobs they really want and deserve. It's simple: If you follow our system, you will ACE your next interview and dramatically improve your chances of being offered the place.

” In fact,we have used this same system so many times and know exactly how effective it is when used properly-that we will gladly refund your purchase if you are unhappy with it for any reason within the first 30 days of your purchase.

we will gladly assume all risk here-all you need to do is complete your order and you'll have immediate access to The How To Interview Guide and the information you need to finally ace the interview and get the job you truly want and deserve!

Basic Package: $19.99