Executive Package

on April 22, 2014

“Sometimes we are in such a rush to secure steady employment that we honestly don't stop to consider whether or not we are applying for the right TYPE of jobs. As a professional job Recruitment Specialist, we know exactly how to test candidates and identity their most marketable skills and the career paths best suited to them-and we can do the same for you!

Advanced Package

on April 22, 2014

“Are you getting invited to interviews but just not landing the job offers? Do you already have a big interview lined up and are looking for some affordable but personalized interview coaching to help you land this big job? Not a problem! For specific, personalized help preparing for a specific interview with a specific company- the Advanced package is definitely your best deal and includes:”

Basic Package

on April 15, 2014

As a global Firm, we are only paid when we find a candidate who the client actually hires. That means it is in our best interest to help candidates "Ace" the interview with the client so that the candidate can be hired, the client fills their empty position and yes, so we are paid.

About Siva Tai

on April 15, 2014

What are Siva’s credentials? Why should YOU trust him?

“Siva P. Tayi is the author of the just released eBook ‘The How to Interview Guide’. He is the founder and guiding force behind Talent Logic, Inc. (Formerly Sai People Solutions, Inc), a reputable staffing solutions company, since 1984. Siva has a rich background in sales, technology and the staffing industry. His many successes with Talent Logic ( give him a unique advantage as a coach & trainer of hundreds of candidates who want to overcome their fears when faced with an interview. He’s been involved with the ‘interview world’, as he loves to call it, for 25 plus years!”

The tremendous need for his expert advice had him exploring myriad avenues to make his knowledge readily available to those who need help TODAY. The result of this endeavor is the coaching system, ‘The How to Interview Guide’.

A man of many abilities, Siva is a voracious reader, an avid sportsman, fitness & nutrition guru and most important, a man with an extraordinary insight into helping people showcase their talents in the best possible way.

Siva Tayi, a veteran in the ‘interview world’, loves to see people succeed. It’s his passion

“After following my system, people walk into an interview feeling confident. They are stunned by the overwhelmingly positive response they get…they walk out beaming.” 


Maste the Interview and Get the job...

on December 25, 2011

Master the art of job Interview techniques and get your desired job


With more than 25 years of Interviewing and Hiring experience, we have the advantage of knowing what it takes to Arm Yourself with Insider Secrets to ACE Your Next Interview!

Fact :

As a candidate landing on a job and earning what you deserve,  all boils down to how well you interview-period.

Hello, my name is Siva Tayi and I am the CEO of Talent Logic, Inc., a global staffing firm. I can assure you that if you have been called in for an interview—you already have the qualifications to get the position or you would not be there. That means there is just one purpose to the interview: To decide whether you are the right “fit” for the job and company itself. Interview managers and HR people are trained to ask specialized questions and to rate both your responses and physical reaction to dig down and decide if you are truly a “fit” for the job or not.

"I have coached 1,000’s of people in the art of interviewing to help them get hired by our clients  and we can do the  same thing for you! Through the years, we have developed a proven, step-by-step process guaranteed to help you overcome your fears and ace the interviews so you can finally get the job you truly want and deserve!”






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