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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a veteran at interviewing! Why do I need coaching?

The competition is tough in this market place. Clients can now cherry pick from a larger talent pool. Now, more than ever you need the extra edge to stand out and be noticed. When your staffing agency set you up for an interview they would have probably talked to you sketchily about the job and given you the details of the manager interviewing you. There’s a lot more to the interview process and that is what you will learn when you go through the How to Interview Coaching System.

What do I get out of this coaching session?

You will really learn how to take control of the interview process and be prepared for all types of questions at the different interview stages. This will help you immediately for the interview you are preparing for as well as those that you will come across in the future.

What happens when I attend an interview without coaching?

Do pro athletes play in a regular season game without training under expert coaching from their trainers/coaching staff? Definitely not! They have all the required skills but need to constantly hone those skills in a game setting. This is exactly the case in an interview situation. When you are called for an interview it implies that the employer felt that you are qualified for the job. It is up to you to prove that you live up to that expectation by highlighting what a good match you are to the job on hand.

What questions can I ask?

These nagging doubts can be potential deal breakers in the interview process. The answers to these and many, many more questions can found in The How To Interview Guide

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